How to Inspire Yourself

Everyone experiences moments of inspiration, but what exactly is inspiration? Inspiration is the spark within ourselves that ignites our passion for doing things differently than we normally do. The feeling of awe, connection with a powerful energy, and clarity about things are all common experiences associated with inspiration. Inspiration can spur us on to purposeful […]

The Benefits of Caring For Plants

There are many benefits to caring for Plants. They are both attractive and useful to us in different ways. For instance, plants are good for our health, especially if they are drought tolerant. Plants can survive drought by using special tactics, such as gathering CO2 at night, which is safer for them. They can use […]

Choosing Plants for Your Gardening Area

In general, plants require sunlight to grow properly. Some species need several hours of full sunlight a day while others need more shade. This means it is important to monitor your planting site throughout the year. During the summer months, sun angle changes may mean that your plants will receive more direct sunlight than during […]

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