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Barbecue Gardening Tips For the Harvest Season

Grilling is the most fun part of summer, and nothing brings the whole family together quite like a backyard BBQ. The aroma of grilled food reaches far and wide and the neighbours join in. Before you start grilling, make sure to clean your barbecue and surrounding area thoroughly. Here are some tips for cleaning your BBQ. After using it, make sure to remove all the leftover char and grease. Follow these tips to avoid the mess and have an enjoyable BBQ!

Rosemary: This herb is an excellent choice for seasoning. The leaves are exceptionally fragrant. Use the leaves fresh or dry, as well as on kebabs. Barbecue Rosemary grows well in mixed borders and along pathways. They can also be used as large containers. Their woody stems also make them a great skewer. Use them to season meats and other food as well. Whether you’re barbecuing or simply grilling, these leaves will add a unique flavor to your food.

Besides grilled meat, vegetables are also tasty when cooked on a BBQ. Be creative and experiment with different vegetables for your barbecue feast. Grilled beets can be added to salads or roasted as a side dish. Vegetables can even be baked and used in making soups and sweets. You can even make pumpkin soup using grilled vegetables! The only limitation is your imagination! There are so many ideas to choose from!

In addition to grilling meats, you can also try your hand at smoking vegetables. You can smoke vegetables and add them to your grilled meats. This method produces a moist, flavorful product. But if you’re living in a cooler climate, you can use heat-enhancing techniques to speed up the cooking process. If you’re not sure which kind of grill is right for your needs, check out our tips and tricks for grilled vegetables.

In Texas, big public barbecues were held for years before the Civil War. These public barbecues were celebrated holidays, political debates, and even the completion of a rail line. Observers from St. Louis described one such event in Fort Worth in 1885: ‘The people had dug huge pits in the ground for the meat to be cooked over the coals. The pitmasters then shoveled the fiery coals into the pit, where the meat is placed on the grates directly over them.

Homemade barbecue sauce is a delicious and versatile condiment that can be made from pantry staples. Classic barbecue sauce is a tomato-based paste that starts with ketchup and adds a hint of brown sugar to the mixture. Then, adding a bit of acidic red wine vinegar balances out the sweet and sour flavor. For extra zing, add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a pinch of salt.

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