Planning a Garden and Patio

When designing a garden and patio, you can add a touch of nature by using potted plants in graduated sizes. Choose pots made of earthy materials like terra cotta or wooden. For more sophisticated styles, try terra cotta, wooden or galvanized steel buckets. Regardless of the style you choose, a patio garden can be an ideal spot for a colorful assortment of flowers. And no patio is complete without a table and chairs.

The Yard, Garden and Patio Show is an annual Portland event that’s been held every February since 1988. In 2015, Metropolitan Productions Inc. took over the show from the Oregon Association of Nurseries, which represents more than 800 wholesale growers. These organizations strive to provide the public with the best garden and patio furniture for the best possible price. While many garden and patio shows have come and gone since 1988, the show is still going strong today.

Incorporate shade-loving plants into your patio landscaping. Plants that grow in shade can be tucked underneath taller plants. Plant low-rimmed pots for plants that can grow in the shade. Or, plant several short varieties in multiple smaller planters. This method will create a natural stream-like effect and give your patio a serene feeling. And if you’re looking for an enticing look, consider planting clumping bamboo, which provides a delightful rustling sound when wind blows.

The right kind of sunlight is important for vegetable gardening. If you have a sunny patio, consider planting a variety of leafy green vegetables. Root crops will thrive in the middle of a shady patio or in partial shade. In contrast, heat-loving vegetables will need full sunlight. The ideal amount of sunshine is 4 to 6 hours per day. So, don’t forget to plan ahead! But be patient! Don’t rush into planning a garden if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing.

While you can’t plan on having a vegetable patch in your patio, you can still create a colorful, beautiful vegetable garden with containers on wheeled planters. And if you are a forgetful waterer, you can even use planting apps to set reminders to water your plants. And while you’re planting, consider the height of your plants. Tall plants should be kept on the edges of your patio. And don’t forget to keep them at a reasonable height. Plants that block the sunlight can make your patio too hot.

Consider adding a patio garden oasis. These plans can transform a simple patio into a beautiful outdoor living space. From simple to extravagant, patio garden designs can create a weatherproof area for entertaining and socializing. And they’re versatile enough to be used year-round! So, take your time and plan a gorgeous patio oasis. A stylish patio oasis will be a great addition to your home. You’ll be glad you did.

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